Surviving Long-Term Sequelae Effects of Electrical Shock Hazard Exposure

“Low voltage shocks are part of the job.”

“I got poked again today.”

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…”

It’s common to hear these statements on the job site.

Sadly, many electrical industry workers are not aware of or do not understand the profound risks associated with Electric Shock Sequelae (the long-term effects of receiving multiple low voltage (≤1000V) shocks).

In this video, Terry Becker, P.Eng., CESCP, IEEE Senior Member, interviews John Knoll, Master Electrician and Professional Electrical Contractor (PEC) with the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA). Today, John is unable to continue in the trade and suffers from varied effects of Electric Shock Sequelae – experiencing psychological, neurological, and physical symptoms.

Terry and John are on a mission to bring a heightened awareness of Electric Shock Sequela to the industry and prevent more electricians from experiencing life-changing trauma and suffering, as John has.

This webinar is designed for electricians, supervisors/management, health and safety staff, and anyone who works with/around electricity. It can be replayed during safety meetings, or summarized in safety discussions/tailgate meetings with your team.

You will learn:

  1. Risk factors of low voltage electrical shock
  2. Various Electric Shock Sequelae symptoms
  3. Employer and employee responsibilities – working energized, refusing unsafe work, etc.
  4. Understanding the importance of internal and Workers Compensation Board reporting
  5. What to do if you suspect you are experiencing Electric Shock Sequela effects