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On Demand Video Training

Electrical safety training videos from industry experts.

Electrical Safety Resources

We provide access to technical training and informational resources your workers need to stay safe.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Training your workers can take on their schedules, wherever they go.

An online wide-ranging network of industry subject matter experts offering the best available on demand electrical safety and technical training courses and videos in one location.

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Comprehensive and compliant training

Video content is detailed and in-depth to help explain topics and how to apply the training in the field.

  • Great way to manage training costs, and maintain accountability.
  • Excellent resource for information and how-to guides for your workers.
  • Effective training solution for your entire workforce: from electricians and technicians to building operators and management.
  • Video training for your workers anytime, anywhere.
Video Library

Module Based Training

Our training is delivered in shorter modules so your workers can complete courses in one sitting, or spread out over the course of several days, allowing more flexibility in managing their schedules.

Module based training also means you can customize the course to include just what your workers need to learn, based on your unique requirements.

Best Practice Subject Matter

We’ve partnered with a number of industry experts to bring you new courses and content regularly, creating an all-in-one resource for electrical safety related training and information you can trust is fully compliant to all the latest standards, acts, codes and regulations.

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Custom Course Development

Need something a little bit different? Our team of subject matter experts can develop a customized course that fits your specific operations and workforce so they can get the right training they need, when they need it.

Experience You Can Count On

Our team is heavily involved in the industry as thought leaders, authors, speakers, trainers and electrical safety advocates/champions. Our team has voting members on various related technical committees that means we have a voice and platform to invoke positive change in the electrical safety industry on issues that matter to our clients (we help write industry best practice standards). This also means we always have a finger on the pulse of what changes are coming to the industry and how these changes will affect our clients.

We work tirelessly to share best practice knowledge with our clients and the industry to educate them on the whys and hows behind electrical safety due diligence, clarify common misconceptions, and provide complete and compliant ready-to-use tools clients can implement right away to fast track their journey to becoming electrical safety champions in their workplace.

Our passion is to bring culture change to the industry to eliminate electrical safety incidents in the workplace by inspiring our clients to become champions in electrical safety due diligence.

A large part of this is training and education. Let us help you find the right training for your workers. Contact us today to see how we can work together to keep your team safe.

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